This program covers the significant role that national conditioning act in the recognition of massage therapy as a wellness field

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This program covers the significant role that national conditioning act in the recognition of massage therapy as a wellness field

Privacy plus the massage therapy practise

This program covers the medical insurance rates convenience and Accountability operate (HIPAA), simply because it pertains to creating massage process in a surgical office, and include overview of basic privacy integrity.

Transference and Countertransference in Therapeutic Massage

This program product reviews the psychological phenomenon generally transfer and countertransference as well as how it applies to your client specialist commitment in therapeutic massage.

National Sensitiveness for Therapeutic Massage Therapists

This course discusses the main function that cultural conditioning has in the approval of therapeutic massage as an overall health discipline.

Values in Rub Down Sales

This program is designed to present an introduction to the honest matters in rub advertising for instance overstated efficiency, improper statement and design, deceiving procedures labels, etc

Therapeutic massage Roles and Perimeters

This course was a review of the ethical values for massage, with an outline of suitable tasks and limits in a massage therapy application.

Businesses Curriculum

Buyer Storage for Rub Down Therapists

This program covers the tips that effective rub therapists have acquired to keep their consumers coming back again for them.

The Wellness Heart Version

This program supplies an useful shape for switching an existing therapeutic massage companies into a health core.

Precise Sales for Massage Therapists

In this particular training you’ll learn strategy to advertise your massage therapy organization to certain customers.

Massage Therapy Organization Bookkeeping

An introduction to the organization side of an effective therapeutic massage exercise suitable the small company owner, worker or unbiased contractor.

Psychosocial Lessons

Massage Therapy for Chemical Habits

This program supplies an overview of having massage therapy as a subservient treatment for alcohol/drug cravings.

Therapeutic massage and Posttraumatic Pressure Condition

This course provides an introduction to article traumatic tension disorder (or PTSD) as well possible advantages of massage for people afflicted with it.

Massage Therapy for Victims of Sexual Use

This course provides in-depth remedies approaches for employing subjects of erectile use in a massage treatment practise.

Prenatal Training Courses

Therapeutic massage for your Laboring Girl

This program covers the essential tips of prenatal rub down and in addition massage therapy service procedures that have been employed during job.

Essentials of Prenatal Massage

This course addresses the essential tips of prenatal rub plus the physical modifications of childbearing.

Japanese Bodywork Classes

Principles of Zen Shiatsu

This program addresses the foundational, main doctrines of Zen Shiatsu, the origin of Shiatsu along with the efficiency of Shiatsu as a subservient health related field.


Overview of Meridians and Acupoints

This course provides a detailed intro to the Meridians and Acupoints belonging to the human anatomy in preparation when it comes to consolidation of Shiatsu into a massage therapy application.

Strategies of Regular Chinese Drug

This course provide reveal introduction to might aspects of ancient Chinese Medicine (TCM) while they affect rub down counselors.

Universal Curriculum

Person Trafficking: Awareness and Reporting

Here is the needed Fl individual Trafficking program essential for all massage treatment counselors.

Analysis Literacy for Rub Therapists

An introduction to the concept of educational and biological studies for your massage treatment therapist.

Out-Call Well-being

This course will allow you to add out-call massage treatment your training with just minimal private hazard.

Enhanced Looks Aspects

This program will allow you to spot inappropriate muscles technicians, which can lead to a work-related accident, the reasons why rub counselors quit to employ.

Essentials of Horny Rock Massage Treatment

The course indicates each student how horny rock massage therapy methods could be integrated into natural restorative application.

Strategies of Aromatherapy Massage

This program is built to offering more information about aromatherapy rub down programs, well-being standards, joining tips, and essential oil outlines.

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